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it's not just a beard - it's a passport to awesome!


an exotic synthesis of Eucalyptus & Lemongrass


a refreshing fusion of Tea Tree & Rosemary


a compelling union of Frankincense & Orange

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2-for-1 Tiny Tin Sampler Pack


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Can't decide on which scent would up your beard-game? That's okay - we've got you covered... just pick your top two from Real, Sophisticated, or Cool. We'll throw in a real peach-wood beard comb and we promise not to judge if you want to tease it or to tame it.

Stocking Stuffer Special


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Show your man some love and stuff his stocking with BeardLove!! Pick any 2 of our full-size 2 oz. tins (even two of the same fragrance) for only $15. And yes, we're throwing in the peach-wood beard comb, too!

Full-size Tin & Beard Comb


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Choose from Real, Cool, or Sophisticated. We'll send you a 2 oz. tin (60-90 supply, on average) with a complimentary peach-wood beard comb to aid in grooming your awesomeness!

the nitty-gritty

What is BeardLove?

BeardLove is a proprietary, all-natural blend of African Shea Butter, Pure Beeswax, & Nut Oils. It's an interesting blend of balm & butter. It's 100% organic, hand-made, and hand-packaged. [Proprietary means that we didn't steal anybody's recipe.]

*This product contains NUT products (sweet almond and coconut). Do not use if allergic.

Why BeardLove?

Our BeardLove statement of faith: 

We believe it will make you sexier (avg 8% increase - but some have seen up to 103%)!  It softens your beard hair, reduces the itch, & moisturizes the skin under your manliness... all-the-while promoting healthy beard grow! *Results will vary which is why we offer a 100% risk-free guarantee.

Who is BeardLove?

Patrick started making beard balm because he loved being manly but secretly hated the itch that it caused. Because he's a Pastor (who tries to be frugal), he researched & concocted some for himself, then shared it with his friends... and now it's not just a black-market balm!

why grow a beard? because I am neither a boy or a woman.

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